How to use Easy Website

The video depicts Nembol old admin interface. The new one is prettier and also has some new important functions. Including the option to be paid via PayPal for sold items. Read below for the updated functions.


What is Easy Website

Easy Website is the easiest conceivable website, ideal for any online seller who operates physically in a retail store or sells on marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, or Amazon.

It is activated in one click and uses a seller’s listings on eBay, Amazon, or Etsy as the basic content.

It accepts payments via PayPal, so that a seller can save on transaction fees and serve their returning customers directly.

It is mobile-friendly and fully cloud-based, requiring no extra work, extra cost, or waiting.

Easy Website is active in a few minutes.

Easy Website basic features and setup

Easy Website is active in just one click, after a seller imported their marketplace listings into Nembol from eBay, Etsy, or Amazon.

Basic features are:

  • Landing page with products in a mobile-friendly card
  • Category picker
  • Search box
  • Product card with pictures, description, price, and variants
  • Accessible to your public on a courtesy domain name such as
  • Turn it on or off in one click

With further clicks, you can setup further features:

  • Accept PayPal payments
  • Connect your personal domain name
  • Turn on/off the link from your Easy Website to your other seller’s online channels
  • Setup Conversational commerce via WhatsApp or Telegram
  • Add your logo, header banner, company descriptive text.

This ecommerce Website needs only a few clicks and information to be set up at best, but you can skip any to be faster and lighter and Easy Website will work just fine. You’ll refine it later.

How to Activate Easy Website

  • Access the Nembol app, and click on “Easy Website” in the left menu

Screenshot 1: Easy Website is automatically generated. Provide information to improve it, and link it to your WhatsApp

Fill general information

To customize your Easy Website, add:

  • The name of the store
  • Custom email address to associate with your Easy Website
  • A brief description of your brand
  • The URL images of your logo and header
  • You can also place Google a map if you have a physical store.
  • Connect Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to improve your social selling strategy
  • Type your business telephone number to connect to WhatsApp and Telegram, and start your Chat Commerce business

Screenshot 2: Type your address, and you’ll appear on the map. 

Connect Easy Website to your custom domain

For sellers who already own a custom domain, it is possible to connect the domain.

To do so, you need to:

  1. Access Nembol Easy Website
  2. Turn “On” your Easy Website (if you haven’t done yet)
  3. Scroll down to “Custom Domain
  4. Change the following records Point the A record to Easy Website IP address: (if needed, change the Host name to the @ symbol)
  5. Delete any other A records on the domain if there are any present
  6. Point the CNAME record with the name “www”
easy website 3

Done. Your ecommerce Website will automatically feature all products you have in Nembol, filtered into your own categories, and linked to each channel where you’ve listed each of them. Your logo, name, and custom domain will represent your brand at best.